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We are professional dismantlers of 4×4 trucks and Rovers of all types, years and models.  We sell almost every part originally found on the donor vehicle. We purchase salvaged trucks, parts trucks and running donors from insurance companies, private sellers and tow yards and dismantle them down to the frame. Many of these trucks are full of great parts that we painstakingly remove, prep and sell back to the restoration & rebuild market.

We stand behind our parts, inspecting each piece prior to shipment. Our goal is to ship your part in original & installation-ready condition.  Whatever parts do not make the cut get sold for bottom dollar at our famous Saturday Part Swaps at our facility.  This ensures that our clients only get the top tier parts for use on their vehicles and rebuilds.

Please visit us for all of your Classic 4×4 and Rover Needs, including Toyota Parts, Range Rover Parts, Land Rover Discovery Parts, & Series Parts.

We also have a large selection of Rover & Toyota Engines, Transmissions, Transfer Cases and other parts both large & small.


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