Our facility is a fully integrated truck dismantling operation.  From tow truck to your truck – we see the process through and deliver the best possible parts & service.


All of MARNO’s donor trucks begin the dismantling process at the front of our facility and work their way to the back of the warehouse.


After cataloging the vehicle and all of it’s salvageable parts, we begin to dismantle the truck.

First we remove all of the salvageable bumpers, fenders, interior parts, doors, and body panels.

The truck body is then separated from the frame for storage in the back lot.

The engine, transmission, transfer case, and drive train parts are separated from the rolling chassis and moved into the warehouse.

After being removed from the truck, the individual parts are then cleaned, catalogued and stored on racks inside the warehouse – ready for sale.We ship all of our parts using proper packaging materials. Each part is carefully wrapped and boxed to ensure it gets to the customer undamaged.


Our engines, transmissions and transfer cases are shipped on handmade, custom crates that – when selected – fully enclose the unit to ensure maximum protection.

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